About me

My name is Mafalda Neves and I am a Strategic Marketer providing Digital Marketing Solutions and specialising in Facebook Advertising.

As a Marketer, it is my passion to study the psychology behind people’s actions and decisions.

The constant advancements in technology have, not only, allowed me to do exactly what I love, but to also apply it to the algorithms behind social medium. 

Nowadays we have the world at our finger tips.

What was once unthinkable for small businesses to invest in, not only is it possible but is it a necessity – all thanks to Facebook!

These are exciting times to be in,  where the intangible has become available even to the smallest of businesses – and for the fraction of the price. 

Therefore, with my background in Hospitality Management and Digital Marketing, I am committed to help business owners in the service sector to increase their sales and manage their reputation.